Military aircraft 250+ KTS below 10,000 FT

recently I was flying the KC-10 around KLCK I was doing 300KTS airspeed which i thought all IF military aircraft could go above 250KTS below 10000FT with no violations


The speed exemption only applies to fighters. The KC-10 is not a fighter, thus it cannot go above 260 knots under FL010 without receiving violations.


in terms of speed, military aircraft don’t have a speed restriction. What’s ur question though or doubt?

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I also believe the C130 and all its variants are exceptions to the max 250kt below 10 000ft rule.

I think that i read its because the fighter jets and c 130 are military planes on the app where as the kc10 is essentially a skin on the dc10 airliner but i could be wrong

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