Military AgAiN @KROA


Yuh it is me ya homie


I headed back down to ROA today for some spotting fun! I pulled up to signature and walked up to the gate and the fun started. I noticed that my squadrons CAP plane was out and about and was stoked to spot it! There was also two C-12 military Beechcraft’s.

N399CP my squadrons CAP aircraft! G1000 equipped!

Next is the flight schools DA42. Such a sleek looking aircraft.

Now for the C-12’s


Pilots were looking to have some fun…

Now for the airliners

Now Special Additions!

Dassault Falcon!!!

And Heli!!!

Thanks for viewing!


Cannon EOS Rebel

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Nice! You got everything here! GA, commercial, military and helicopters!

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Surely do! Quite the variety but alot of the same with the airliners lol.

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Nice photos Blake! That Twin Star is sleeeek. Now drive to DCA >:(

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Love the mix of planes 🙏🏾


Soon I promise ;)

Me too!!!

Ooops… Sorry for the bad rating, I thought it was a poll about the favorite picture. Now, I would have chosen 10!

You know you can change your vote right?
And no I’m not asking you to change your vote because I know you probably meant to put it there.

Oh, right… Sorry for that ^^ Changed it to 10! Cool pics!

Hey ROA! I’m over in RIC!

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Awesome photos!!

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I think thats a U-28A though. One of them coolio special forces command jets. And damn those pilots have some good taste in beer.

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Hey sir could you not take a picture? You right up in my face

👋👋 ima be going up north for some spotting at some point int future! cough @Aviation108 🤪


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Negative they are C12. The plane you mentioned is a military Pilatus. They are US Army Reserve aircraft.

Also merica

Yea lmao



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😂 up close and personal.


Aye would love to meet and spot with some people from IFC

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For sure we can make it happen at some point!

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