Military Action in Fort Worth - October/November 2022

Here’s a compilation of photos I’ve taken recently - first bit is from the Alliance “Air Show” and the other half is from a day of spotting at NAS Fort Worth. Some of these are pretty good, others not so much, but I’ll take how turned out this time.

F-22 Demo Team ripping it around the airshow, as usual

Convoy Herc departing after a short visit to NFW.

This local “Roper” put on quite the show for us - stayed in the pattern for a large majority of the day.

Unmarked Marines F-35B taking off for a test flight - this aircraft was accompanied by a future Nellis F-35A

This UAE F-16 “Rocket” is a testbed owned by Lockheed Martin and frequently flies with the test flight F-35s.

Another shot of our Roper making a right bank allowing for a nice topside shot.

We were also graced with the appearance of an E-3 Sentry that was initially cleared here in the morning, however the ruthless pattern work from our Roper meant they decided to skip us and do their pattern work at Kelly Field in San Antonio, and decided to show up on their way back up to Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City.

To end the day was the departure of a VR-53 C-130 - this is one of two AX tail C-130Ts flying.

Bonus shot: We had a visit from the Royal Moroccan Air Force at Meacham this past weekend to take home a pair of Bell 412s.

Roper’s pattern work



guys look its dfw jet


Really nice !

Nice I was at the alliance airshow too


these photos make me want to commit tax fraud in arkansas


What’s stopping you?


Second to last picture didn’t upload correctly - fixed now

true, what are they gonna do, send you to jail? the jail that is funded by my tax dollars? i am 2 steps ahead at all times.


that’s close to my house

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