Military 747 Charter Pt.2 | Munich, April 16, 2019

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it’s time for a new spotting topic!

The ones of you who follow my spotting thread closely might still remember my last topic from the end of March when El Al brought its Boeing 747 to Munich on a special charter flight. The weather wasn’t especially great, but I went anyway to catch the Queen of the Skies from Israel while she’s still flying. Today, the plane returned to Munich to pick up the passengers for their trip back in beautiful sunshine.

Let’s start the thread with a departure though - Along with Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines is one of two airlines currently operating at Munich using the A350-900XWB. Later this summer, Air China will join the two carriers with the A350.

Another carrier that used to fly to Munich using the A350 is Qatar Airways. Since last year, the Munich-Doha route is operated with a Boeing 777. Munich will still see Qatar’s 350 from time to time though since the airline is the airline partner of FC Bayern München.

Now let’s get to some smaller planes - The Airbus A320 family probably is the most common aircraft family operating in Munich. Here’s one of TAP Portugal’s A319s inbound from Lisbon.

This week, easter holidays started in Bavaria which brings a lot of holiday traffic to the airport. Here you can see the arrival of Condor’s Boeing 757 in the blue color scheme from Antalya, Turkey.

We can still get smaller! Apart from the very common A320 family, Lufthansa CityLine is operating several Bombardier CRJ-900s from and to Munich. With LH’s Embraer fleet at MUC shrinking, this aircraft type is the work horse of the regional carrier at Germany’s second busiest airport.

We got the blue one, now here’s the latest scheme. Condor’s A320 D-AICC departing for another holiday destination.

As mentioned, the A320 family is the most important aircraft at Munich. Of course, the largest amount of A320 family traffic is operated by Lufthansa. D-AIDO, an A321 can be seen arriving from Barcelona.

While all aircraft I’ve shown to you so far were wearing their old livery, I won’t leave you without new colors. I-ADJN is one of a few Embraers already wearing the new Air Dolomiti design.

Before we finish with the promised 747, here’s another heavy. This 777 of Air China is wearing a special “50 Years China-France” livery.

As I already told you, the main reason for my short spotting trip was the presence of El Al’s 747. While initally, 4X-ELA was supposed to perform this rotation but due to a delay, the airline sent the same plane the used two weeks ago, 4X-ELB, named after the city of Haifa. The charter flight to Munich was used to pic up several hundred Israeli soldiers who had performed an exercise in Bavaria during their time here. In this picture you see the soon to be retired Queen of the Skies crossing the runway threshold of runway 08R.

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TL;DR service for @dush19: I took a few pics of planes back home in Munich


Excellent pictures as ways… I plan to travel to Heathrow sometime this year to put my ageing Canon 60D to use, sadly Bristol airport is rainy, lonely and not great for spotting. Wish I was nearer to a much bigger airport 😒

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Straight 🔥🔥

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Moooooorrrriiiittttzzzz yaaaaayy! Love me some of your spotting photos 😍

Great work as always.

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Oof 😍 <3

I litteraly just thought, “When was the last time I saw Moritz post?” And here you are answering my prayers! Keep it up!



Gosh every time I see the 757-300 I need to wipe my eyes and make sure I am seeing correctly. Such a long plane!


Oh, i know an upcoming event that would be a great opportunity for a Heathrow trip 🤔

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I’d say I just went spotting to make you happy but I guess that would be a very obvious lie haha

Let me know when you need your next dose of plane pics 😉

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