Milestone 1000 Landings!

Something small at KMCO. You can circle around the parallel runways for an hour and rack up a LOT of landings and XP.

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Or KJFK in a Citation X

I’d use a C130H or AC-130

What happened to the other 1095 flights?

Those where when I first got global and the game keep crashing constantly and it cost the diffrence from my online flights to landings to increase.So I got a new device and it doesnt crash anymore.And those times back in the old Infinite flight when I kept crashing when I was a noob

I have the same situation, just not those number as I haven’t been flying that long :/

Ahh gotcha

Congrats Dude, 1000 Landings is a long way to go, but you made it this far, that’s amazing. I still got 40 more landings left till I get to 1000 though, hope to reach it soon :)

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