Milestone 1000 Landings!

1000 landings

Hello guys!I have just achieved one of the biggest milestones ever.That milestone is 1000 landings I started out with my first landing at KLAX now getting my 1000th at JFK.I wouldve never thought I wouldve reached 1000 landings in IF.


2095 flights but 1000 landings? Something ain’t right here



Wow congrats! I’m around 60 landings away from Grade 4. Any touch & go tips? Best aircraft & airport for that?


Congrats man!

C172, KEDW (Edwards AFB, you have runways everywhere) have fun flying patterns :)

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Congratulations! Always nice to achieve something, even better when it’s smt so huge :)

Denver or Tokyo Haneda might be a good airport

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Cessna 208 at KMCO or KSAN. You can knock them out quick doing sharp patterns. Good luck!


Citation X,Casual Server and JFK is what you need @QuarterBach

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Thanks everyone!

Me right there by not completing flights

I would second KEDW but in a Citation X. You can do super tight patterns or take off on one runway and land on one of 5 intersecting runways.

Congrats on the 1,000 landings.

Congrats! Great achievement.

Congratulations and celebrations ! 🎶

Thank you for all your suggestions as well! I chose EGLL and the Citation X. I finally reached grade 4 :)

If u spawn in than quit immediately u still can get one “flight”

But it could also be from quitting flights airborne.

I think using *Cessna Citation X to do T&G at ZUUU is the best choice!

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Congrats man! I just got grade 4 so I’m still 750 away lol! I’ll get there eventually

Congrats! I just hit 2K landings a couple weeks ago! Wishing you more milestones to come!

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