Miles for Freebies

I think that whenever you fly on live, your miles should be tracked at the end of each flight. Once these miles collect up to a certain point you can spend them on getting maybe a free plane or live free for one month.

It’s just a suggestion, no hate please, thanks.

It seems like a good idea. For a game though, not a simulator. Plus, I don’t think it’s a good marketing idea :/

Yeah about 5000-15000 miles? Because people might set the A/P without touching the device at all.

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10M miles on Live is equal to $1.00 store credit?

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This is not a feasible business plan. FDS would be essentially giving away money to customers who use their product? Better to support them (with real money) so you can get more new features in the future :)


That’s why I believe 10 Million miles would be good to equal $1 of store credit. Of course it only counts on Live

10 million is a lot.

You have a point. But I think it motivates people to play more.

It also adds more realism to the simulator.

Erm… No? Fair enough if it was a passenger simulator, but IRL you don’t get a loyalty card for doing flights…

Pilots do get benefits though.

Yes, but they get paid (at least commercial ones do). This is a simulator for people who want to do it for the enjoyment of it.

I guess your right. I just thought it would be cool. Don’t get me wrong though I don’t mind spending money on this amazing simulator.

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It couldn’t be done, if 10000 people earned $1 each that would cost FDS $10000

But first those 10000 people would have to get live to earn those points. Or you could make it that only those who have live+ can use this feature and they can extend their subscription by a maximum of one month if they get a certain amount of miles.

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