Mileage Run

How many of you have done a Mileage Run with a certain airline to gain status at the airline?
Personally I’m doing AAL-CPH-MAN-CPH-ARN-OSL-CPH-AAL in June, so I can get my status at SAS back.
What do you all think of Mileage Runs, and have anyone tried it before?


I think you have more money than me.


I’m a bit of a mileage runner myself. I often find cheap flight within my home country of South Africa on the weekends.
EG:Cape Town -Johannesburg-Cape Town.
Or Cape Town- Durban - Cape Town.

British Airways operate a subsidiary called Comair within South Africa,so I get Executive Club points and tier miles as well , I’m currently EC Gold.

They operate the following:

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I try to look for deals but have been moving to get miles since I switch airline reward programs. My big flight will be when I do round trip from MCO-MVD in February with Delta. That flight will put me about halfway to that silver medallion level in the new year.I plan on doing more on after that.

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I have done a business flight to paris and back to get silver with BA

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It’s not really that expensive for 7 flights - around 325$ which I wouldn’t consider very expensive for 7 flights which will give you Lounge and Fast Track Access

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That’s not actually too bad for the benefits, I guess you fly a lot?

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I used to, then I lost my status at SAS, so now I’m getting back to silver.
But yeah, 10 flights with SAS and you’re good

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My question for you…do you actually use those mileage ;) because I’ve had friends who get it up and never use it. Lol

Most airlines have never expire miles. At least mine does. So whenever you saved enough up for a trip you can. The smart ones dont use theirs until they have enough for an extensive one or an around the world trip.

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Some of the major airlines have caught on and will make it not as affordable. Sometimes American will send an email with 70 dollar one way fares with a few stops. Living away from a hub helps too because if I fly anywhere I always stop in Dallas. The hops alone helped to raise my status more than miles.

I don’t want to hijack the thread but now days miles arent what they used to be. I use other methods to pay for the flight that is easier to accumulate than miles. I use the miles I earn for benefits such as upgrades and lounge membership access.


American Airlines have one of the best frequent flyer programmes out there in my opinion. Especially if you can get in on their Status Challenges…

I would say any one world alliance member is worth it

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Okay that is true, I’m just talking about using the points you get in whatever area is available.

Buying reward flights is a waste of your money. Better to put the points towards savings on flights. Then you get a bit of the points back and tier points on top of it

I’m not familiar in that areas haha as I have not started that. Just speaking from what my friends have experienced

I spend my points on upgrades, mostly.

I havent done that because you have to buy the right class to start off with and that can be crazy expensive to start off

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