Mile High Spotting @KDEN 7/19/19

So y’all may be wondering why I didn’t post this earlier. Well I finally had the motivation to edit my pictures. These aren’t my best. I went spotting not knowing I had a 102 degree fever. So I felt like crap when I went spotting so they aren’t my best shots.
Here they are:)

North the Seal taxiing out to 26 for departure

United A320 ( N405UA ) taxiing out for departure

N862AS operated by SkyBEST 😉taxiing out for departure

Joe Bob the Badger Rotating out of DEN headed to KSJC @bigbert10

SkyWest CRJ-200er N464ER taxiing with a stupid pole ruining the picture

Backlit ERJ-145XR taxiing out for departure

Southwest 737-700 (N739GB) taxiing for departure

Extremely backlit Trans State Airlines (N843HK)

Southwest 737-800 on short final for 34L

CRJ-200ER (N945SW) rotating out of Denver.

Almost 90 percent of these shots were backlit so I tried my best to save them. These are not my best pictures.

Camera: Canon EOS rebel t4i 75-300mm
Thanks for stopping by!!!


Love the the pictures! Especially the F9 A321!

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Ikr! Especially cause that airplane is heading to SJC! 😃


Denver is such a nice airport. Where on the property would you recommend for spotting (not that I’m in Denver very often)

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The Southwest aircraft are beautiful.

Nice catches!

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I’ll PM you them

Thank you!!




And I thought the last ones were good…

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Haha 😂 lol thank you!!!

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Wow I love Frontier nice pics 💚👍🏽😉
Was that a A320 Neo in the first one

Yes it is. Thank you!!

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I wow nice 👍🏽That’s awesome that’s a great find

Nice pics, love the A320neo and 737-700, they don’t look backlit, so your editing was great!

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Thank you!!!


Awesome pictures Tyler! With every topic of yours I see improvement. Keep up the great work bud 👍

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Thank you Dylan!!!

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Since y’all love my pictures I have a poll for you guys. I would’ve posted this earlier but I was in school.
I began photography for 2 months ago.

  • True
  • False

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