Mile High City Spotting | @KDEN | Feb 15th Part 2

I’m back with another round of spotting. I went to DEN to spot with my friends Ryan and Hayden. We went because there were some specials that we wanted to catch. It was a pretty good day. Lighting was superb especially with the snow on the ground. Here are the pictures. This is the final part of this spotting topic. Enjoy :)

United E175 departing off to Durango with another Denver spotter on this flight

United A320 off to the West Coast

United 737-900 arriving from IAH

Southwest 737-700 on final for 16R

Southwest 737-700 on final for 16L

Spirit A320 on final from LAS

Delta 737-900er on final from ATL

Frontier A319 on final for 16L

Volaris A320 on final from Mexico City

American Eagle E175 operated by envoy on final from Chicago

Equipment: Canon EOS Rebel t4i 75-300mm lens

Edited in Adobe Lightroom
Check out part 1

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Nice shots as always!

Love the CB :)

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HoLy mOlY dOnUT sHOp

those pics are awesome! I love that white snowy background, brings out such nice contrast!
I loved pics 3,4,5,6, and 7. Pic 5 is probably my favorite.
Can’t wait to see more! Also stay warm up there its too coldddd for me


Renegade renegade
Thanks tho! Just a little chilly that day. The wind didn’t help but it was worth it. Although today woke up to it being 5 degrees out which isn’t bad tbh.


Lol can’t relate today was super cold imo but it was like 45 all day Texas life
this past weekend it was like 75s, super nice. Anyways nice pics! See ya next time

Thanks dawg. Hopefully we’ll meet soon. One day.

These are great! Love seeing spotting sessions with snow on the ground. Creates a shadowless environment on the aircraft. Equally lit all the way around. Nicely done!

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Thank you! The snow made the lighting really crispy. The spirit shot above would have been backlit if it wasn’t for the snow and the clouds

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The Frontier is just amazing 🤩
Nice pics!

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You didn’t happen to catch anything on the 14th or 16th did you? I flew in to go to Colorado springs for the weekend.

No I was only there on the 15th

Man those are some really nice shots. Love how the snow really brings out the planes, especially the Southwest ones!

Did this turn into a TikTok Dance off? If so i might have to join. When I saw your pictures I was like ‘whoah’. But for real, nice pictures!!

My, my, my! Wow, these look amazing! I think the cloudy skies and snow helped reflect light and make the colors pop! The spirit is a little bright. Love those two SWAs, beautiful!

Amazing! The chilly air has a nice colour that personally is my Favourite type of background! Keep it up man, I’m loving your shots!

Thank you!!

“Didn’t even notice no punches that roll with you got to keep me focused you wanna say so”
Thanks tho

The spirit looks bright cause of the clouds. Not to mention it would’ve been backlit if it was sunny out.

Thank you!


Durango is a pretty lit place. These photos are really amazing (as usual). I’ve been meaning to try to get out to DEN to spot but I dont think my equipment gAlAxY s8 could zoom far enough and clear enough to spot at DEN unless there is an area right next to the runway.

Nice shots 🥢🥢🥢

I can’t pick a favorite, they’re all amazing! The United E175, and the Southwest 737’s are great!

I saved some to my device, just like last time, I’ll PM you if I ever use them.

Amazing photos. I hope I’ll be this good!