Mile High City Spotting | @KDEN | Feb. 15th 2020 | Pt.1

I’m back with another round of spotting. I went to DEN to spot with my friends Ryan and Hayden. We went because there were some specials that we wanted to catch. It was a pretty good day. Lighting was superb especially with the snow on the ground. Here are the pictures. Enjoy :)

United new livery 772 heading to PHOG

United 772 heading to HNL

New Mexico One on Final from Tucson

Southwest 737-800 on final from AUS

Aeromexico Chrome 737-700 on final from Mexico City

Miami Air charter 737-800 arriving from Cabo

United new livery CRJ-200 blasting out of DEN

United 752 rotating out of DEN heading to Lihue

United 788 arriving from FRA

United A320 rocketing out of DEN with the mountains in the back heading to SJC

Equipment: Canon EOS Rebel t4i 75-300mm lens

Thanks for viewing please give feedback
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Those are some incredible photos! Love the Southwest 737, new livery United 777, and the United CRJ-700. And the Aeromexico 737 is great too. All in all, Denver sure does have quite a variety of aircraft — which you got some awesome photos of.

I saved a few (all) to my device, I’ll make sure to PM you if I use them in any way.

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I love the first 772 well done on that.

Also that A320 that is one STEEP climb looking at the telephone poles

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Fantastic photos Tyler! I really love that new United Livery on the 777.

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These are absolutely incredible!! I love the first one with the wing flex and those tilted gear, also love the second Southwest with the blue against the sky! Love all the contradicting colors and light…

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Your photos are phenomenal

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Nice photos as always Tyler. In my opinion though we need a better variety of heavies and foriegn airlines at DEN. Just imagine a Qatar A350 taking off of runway 07 with the snow-capped rockies in the background.

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Back at it again with those amazing spotting photos

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Thank you!!

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Thanks! We witnessed almost 2 tail strikes in a row

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Great shots as always Tyler! Hopefully someday we meet lol

Thank you! Hopefully someday

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Thank you! With the snow on the ground it really helps reflect the light and makes the colors pop

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Just one question:

About what time did you take these pictures

If these were taken not long before noon, the last picture with the mountains, the plane is heading to San Jose (SJC/KSJC)

Yeah I took the last one around 11:40 ish I believe. I didn’t check flight radar but it was going to somewhere on the west coast

Yeah the plane was heading to San Jose (SJC/KSJC)

It’d be nice if you put that on there

Ok I’ll do just for you

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