Mildly Enraging Fail

Let me start out by saying that I do many long haul flights by taking off, getting to cruising altitude, and then going to sleep. I did the same thing last night when I flew the 10 1/2 hr flight from Miami to Honolulu. When I woke up, I was 500nm out of Honolulu. Granted, it was like 7am, so I decided to rest a bit longer. When I wake up again, I was 200nm out. I started my descent a little later. I had planned to land on 26R at Honolulu, but there was a problem. There were mountains in the way. No big deal, I thought. I went around and tried for 8L, which was on the opposite end. At that point, I’d unplugged my phone and went downstairs to make breakfast. As I as turning final for 8L, when a Controller came on and said, “Nope, you may be on a 10 mike final, but go around.” It was a little bit annoying, but I went around for a second time, entering a patter for Runway 4L. Remember how I said that I’d unplugged my phone? I forgot how quickly IF can drain the battery when not plugged in. Can you guess what happens next?

So yeah, it was kinda frustrating to have your phone die when you’re on a 15 mile final after a 10 1/2 your journey, but I only have myself to blame, lol.

Lesson learned? Don’t make a stupid mistake, I guess. :/


Not really a topic for this. Keep your phone plugged in.

Wow that’s a weak battery. Try replacing it and enable Low Power Mode in settings.


That’s sad, Did you checked your battery % when you unplugged at first ? Due to loose connection port their maybe chances your charging port & wire may have unplugged due to sudden shake while you were sleeping.I often notice charging port is been likely have loosely connected & And it may have died and wasn’t low on charging but you didn’t noticed as you unplugged it and were ready for final.
Lastly you can try replacing your battery, Also using device while charging results in wear & tear of battery.

Never unplug your phone with less than 30 minutes till landing

Either you were already low on battery or your battery is really weak. My battery is pretty garbage and I’ve left mine phone unplugged for 1-2 hour flights and it only takes 45-60%

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Happens to me with about 30% of my flights:) your not the only one

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This caught my attention… Did you leave your device upstairs or brought it with you?
Takeoff and Landing are two of the most crucial moment in a flight. Never leave your device during these periods of a flight :)

And how much percentage% battery did have left when you unplugged? Keep it plugged in next time to be sure it won’t drain down to 0% again.

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What phone??? 😳😂 what are your graphic settings?

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Note that flight stats should be updated every 15 minutes, so nothing should be lost… (or at most, the last 15mn)


2 year old iPhone 6S and everything is on low, anti aliasing is off. I’d rather finish my flights then have better graphics to look at.

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Remember to Keep your phone plugged in, with Low Power Mode on for long flights. And the server updates info every 15 mins as Laura said. Thats all you can do for those long hauls

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