Milan closing an airport for 3 months

Milan Linate is due to close at the end of this month for refurbishment works. The closure, scheduled to run from July 27th to October 27th, will see approximately 2.5m passengers and 30,000 flights diverted elsewhere. Flights will, for the summer season, land at either Milan Malpensa (MPX) or at Milan Bergamo (BGY), both of which are considerably further from the city center.

for those who want to keep realism
don’t fly into linate during the refurbishment


Closing such an important airport must be a logistical nightmare. Especially in the summer months. Do you have any sources, or articles for further details?

I know, I can google. But it’s always good to share some sources when posting an article 😊


Thanks for letting me know!

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Make sure to have sources available when posting these types of news articles here in #real-world-aviation.

I will include this one source here indicating that this airport will indeed close for three months this year here.

Make sure to have sources available next time you post something newsworthy so that we don’t have to go looking for it, as some can be faked :).

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Yes. Definitely closed, this was annoucned late last year. I have already had one booking changed as I was due to fly in to LIN in August.

In terms of logistics it is not too bad since the other airport in the city Milan Malpensa has always had lots of spare capacity so most airlines are moving the LIN flights to MXP for the closure period.

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Or we can just remove LIML from our database for 3 months to force people to fly to/from Malpensa or other airports in the vicinity. 😀


Back to seriousness, even though this could increase traffic in other airports, I hope the Italian authorities will do the work necessary to improve the facilities at Linate for the good of passengers and the personnel.


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