Mikoyan MiG 29

Please add this Russian fighter because we need more Russian planes because all the planes we have are from America image


Sorry that is my other account it won’t let me do certain things like make replies or change topics

Hey there! Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community! I’d love to see this added, so I’m going to move it to the Features Category for you. For later reference, post all feature requests in that category. Thanks!

That is because you are new. It’s not helpful to have multiple accounts. You can’t do that stuff because new users don’t have privelages.

On my iPod touch I think there is a problem with my digitiser because it will often either lag or totally freak out

But to make more sense they are on two different emails I am currently using my school one. But the account I was using to create this request was my home one

Did you notice there were 3 new airbusses added and 1 reworked?

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Whoops I meant majority

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Not all planes we have are from America
Airbus is European
Embraer is Brazilian
Bombardier is Canadian

Jet fighter planes i think

I said majority in my post above

I’m still saying how magical the Russian planes are… hahaha

Max Sez. “Magical” LOL…

. image

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We are gonna make peanut butter… xD

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