MikeTabs's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KSFO

Hello Everyone,
KSFO is now open on the training server - hoping to find some pilots willing to take ATC seriously!

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KSFO it’s too much Traffic and some people who don’t listen to ATC

If you open ATC Thread I recommend to avoid those airport like KSFO, EGLL, KLAX, KJFK…

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Fairly quiet so far. I wish more folks would respect the ATC so those of us looking for more experience can get some!

Open at a quiter airport. KSFO is a TS hub and youll get trolls.

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So far so good actually

Ok - closing it up - work calls!

Just open at a quieter airport. Even if those people do follow your instructions, they are unable to give you feedback. Youll have to manage inexperienced pilots, but if you open at a quieter airport, you can get experienced people to fly for you. Just because you can control SFO during peak times does not mean youre ready for IFATC. If it is busy, you cant allow pattern work which is even worse and wont help you improve.

And also please look at my PM


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