Mike116119’s ATC Tracking Thread-Passed Practical

Welcome to my ATC tracking thread in preparation of applying to IFATC.

STATUS: Closed






All feedback is welcomed.

Thanks, Michael


Are you still open?

Yep, probably another 20-30 minutes.

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Alright Im not too busy at the moment, I’ll stop by for a bit!

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Hi, I was VIGGY, everything was good. Nice job!

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Thanks for stopping by.

I was there in a air canada a321 at gate 70 till my phone died lol

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Alright, here is my feedback:

  • Good transition
  • When I called inbound I was decently far out but you had me enter crosswind, I think a enter base could have worked there
  • My first 2 clearances were a bit late but not to bad, aim to clear on late crosswind or early downwind
  • Your exit runway commands were a bit late, with commercial plains aim for 60-70 knots
  • good sequencing
  • twice I had 2 very unstable approaches (APPR issues sorry about that) and for the first one I would have recommended a G/A but its more up to you

Over all you did very good but its little things like checking in with all your aircraft when its calm that I would recommend

Feel free to @ me next time you open!

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Thanks for the feedback.
I didn’t want to rush you down on the first approach that’s why I had you enter the pattern.

For the clearances I know I was a bit slow, I was always double checking that I had the correct commands and right click sequences.

Thanks for stopping by.

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I think that the enter downwind command was the right call in the end because some pilots (or autopilot) would have trouble lining up with the glide-slope and localized in that scenario

Thank you for your ATC service!

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Open at CYVR

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Tag me next time your open and i’ll swing by!

Nice job!

Overall all of your commands came at the right time except for the exit runway when able command, should be given at about 70 knots not 25 knots. but still did a great job!

Thanks for stopping by, I was dealing with a aircraft on ground that shouldn’t have been on 26R at the time.

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Welcome to IFATC in Training Mike!

you may ping all IFATC in Training Members to get your number of participants up if you’d like!

Any other questions can be followed up on the pm!

Blake | IFATC in Training Manager.

Thanks to everyone that came out for some flying while I was controlling.

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Congratulations and welcome to the team!