Mike_Lima_Tango's ATC Thread [CLOSED]


This is my ATC thread where I will notify anyone interested when and where I am controlling, but always on the Training server (Min. Grade 2 and above). Feel free to leave feedback, comments, or questions as a comment below or PM me using:


Pattern Work is always allowed and you’ll usually catch me around German airports such as EDDF and EDDM

Come down if you want to!

Image above taken from: EDDM | Airport | Control Tower | Florian Negele | JetPhotos


Hey there! I was I-PRASH there.


  1. For runway 26l,left traffic could have been a great option,u didnt had inbounds too.

  2. Don’t hand any aircraft off to radar frequency when aircraft is departed remaining in the pattern

3.When I tuned back again,and requested inbound for touch and go then u just gave me clearance. Every inbound aircraft needs a pattern entry–>sequence if needed–>Clearance

So perfect would have been as I-PRASH, enter right downwind 26r,traffic to follow is on final and then clesr me as I-PRASH, runway 26r clear for the option

Sorry had to go quickly!

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Hello, I was stopping by as S-FLYER. @Prasoon_S has already mentioned what I was going to say. I think you should check tutorials about patternwork on Infinite flight’s Youtube channel or here on the #tutorials section.

Also I recommend to check these threads, it contains valuable information and hopefully gives you a better understanding about patterns.



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Heya, 2507 here. I think you haven’t watched the tutorials cause you have a lack of knowledge about literally all basics. If you consider to become an ATC please take some time to watch the tutorial videos. (Watch “the art of sequencing” twice and look at all details that Tyler mentions)


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Thanks for coming along and thanks for the feedback everyone!


Thank you to everyone to came down to EDDF as well! Nice to see so many people!

Back at EDDM!

Please check headline change after closing :)

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Forgot! Thanks for alerting me

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