Mike_Lima_Tango’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A


This is my ATC thread where I will notify anyone interested when and where I am controlling, but always on the Training server (Min. Grade 2 and above). Feel free to leave feedback, comments, or questions as a comment below or PM me using:



Pattern Work is always allowed and you’ll usually catch me around German airports such as EDDF and EDDM

Come down if you want to!

Image above taken from: EDDM | Airport | Control Tower | Florian Negele | JetPhotos

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Hello! Sorry I couldn’t make it to your session as I was doing something, but two advises:

  1. You should always try to remain open for half an hour (30) or more for the traffic to build up, as quoted here by Misha in the About ATC Category:
    “we advise that if you are to open a frequency, it is wise to stay open for at least 30 minutes to allow traffic to build. This is not a requirement.”

  2. You should try multiple different airports per session than sticking to just specific ones, particularly airports that have two parallel runways as that is what you’ll be tested on in the practical exam.

However, setting this aside, I’ll be hopefully able to come the next time you host your session and hope you have a fantastic/wonderful day!

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Thanks for the comment! Yea I forgot I had football training, had to drop everything and leave quickly! Otherwise I’ll usually be live a while.

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