Mighty 77W to Amsterdam

What’s up everyone?! This is my first post in the #screenshots-and-videos category, and first time taking photos after the flight. I hope you all enjoy. As always, constructive criticism is welcome, and enjoy!

Route: São Paulo to Amsterdam
Server: Expert
Aircraft: 77W
Flight Time: 12:00
(This flight was recreating the exact same flight at the exact same time. It went quite well!)


Spawning in


Holding short of 09L

Blasting out of São Paulo

Nearing the northern coast of Brazil. 3.5 hours in.

Leaving Brazil behind. The mighty Atlantic awaits us…

Hey! There are my friends at Heathrow!

Entering Dutch airspace. The coast is near…
How you like them butter? Also joined by a 737-700 departing to an unknown fate…

The last picture… if you stayed this long, you have gotten your treasure.

Let me know; which one was your favorite?

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Stay safe everyone! God bless!

P.S, Since this went really well, here is a poll to decide which route I should do next (and of course, upload screenshots).


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Great shots! Loved the fourth one just after you rotated :D

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Great shots! But did you know you can change the quality in settings in replay mode?

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No! I edited only the last one in photos.

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Nice pictures! Always nice to fly the Orange Pride. Love that last one!

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I like it, very nice!


Thank you guys so much, it was an amazing flight! The 777 will always hold a special place in my heart.