Might the midfield concourse at KLAX be completed?

Out of curiosity, is there a timeline for if/when the midfield concourse at KLAX will be fully completed? Since the addition of the 3D airports it’s been further developed but after a while it stopped. I tried looking for stuff about it but didn’t really find anything major.

Hey Pal (see what I did there?),

The midfield concourse will most likely be updated when an airport editor decides to pick up KLAX airport and work on it.

Airport editors do not take requests unfortunately, but rest assured that if/when an editor decides to update KLAX, they will more and likely add the midfield terminal as well.


Yes I’ve seen the midfield Concourse being used a lot recently it really needs to be updated in infinite flight so it’s realistic I’m pretty sure the developers added midfield Concourse in 3-D but we just don’t have Pavements for it

To add on to Declan, the scenery needs to be updated first before anyone can work on LAX. Also, the IFAET is currently dormant while the new editing system is being implemented.


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