Midwestern Glamour

Hi Everyone!

Yesterday, I decided to participate in the Friday Night Flight in DC. I've flown a few times to Dulles, but never tried Regean-National, right in the centre. The ATC service inbound was on point, efficient, and got me in as fast as possible, which was great! So, I had decided to do a quick flight from Omaha, NE to DCA. The sunset outbound was pretty incredible, which landed this shot.
  • Expert Server
  • Boeing 737-700 / Southwest Airlines
  • Flight time: 2:43hrs

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That was the shot for this time, I’ll see you around!


Nice shot! The angle and lighting really make it unique!

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What a shot, simply beautiful & unique!

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Remind me of one of @AviationFreak’s spots! Great shot!

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This one? @Pilot_Felix

Nice shot tho!


Very cool picture! You can’t go wrong with a cool overhead and the golden light and this picture is really well done. Thanks for sharing!

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