Midwest Express Announces Flights will Restart by the End of 2019 + Updates

Hello IFC,

I am living in Milwaukee at the moment and so I am very excited to announce this.

Midwest Express has announced today (August 6th, 2019) that they will re-enter the aviation market by the end of 2019. While the airline doesn’t have the federal license to operate yet, the airline has made an agreement with Elite Airways, based in Portland, Maine, to operate there aircraft. This will allow Midwest express to operate will getting things finalized before they become a full fledged airline. And obviously, we can imagine they will start operations out of Milwaukee, MKE. Here is some other information.

• Elite Airways operates CRJ-200 and CRJ-700 aircraft so we can expect those aircrafts to be used. They have 5 CRJ-200’s, 2 CRJ-100’s, and 4 CRJ-700’s with 3 more orders.

• There are no routes announced or timetable but the company has stated “Midwest Express expects to announce details about its service in the coming weeks.”

• TSA pre will be available with Elite Airways

•Midwest Express will operate their own reservation systems, costumer service, and in-flight amenities (so expect those warm cookies).

•Meanwhile, Elite Airways will operate the aircraft, flight crews, and maintenance.

•Lastly, Elite Airways will help Midwest Express with the final plans and help Midwest Express compete the requirements to obtain its own airline operating certificate and aircraft.

So Why Elite Airways?
Midwest Express has said Elite Airways is “a well-suited partner due to its extensive operating experience, high-quality customer service approach, and exemplary safety record.”

Expect more info on this thread for when Midwest express will operate.

Journal Sentinel Article

Midwest Express’s Website

About Midwest Express

About Elite Airways


That’s cool! Never heard of that airline but nice to see them making a comeback!

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This airline had a great livery judging from the pictures I have seen, great to have it up in the air again!

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Ahh. I remember flying Midwest airlines. There cookies were like amazing

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New News Today:

Midwest express will announce the new routes and final plans for the airlines comeback tomorrow, August 28th! I will be sure to update everyone here.


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Wow, I was just about to post this lol

It’ll be very interesting to see their model… would they fly point to point unserved/underserved routes? Or will they fly directly into the heat of AA/DL/UA’s hubs…

That’s a great question that we will hear tomorrow. I believe they will compete in most routes with Southwest but there may be some routes that they start that are new. And the actually plane(s) will be there with a celebration. There may or may not be a model

Here’s the livery, privately made its debut at MKE tonight.

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Also if you didn’t see by the picture, the aircraft is a CRJ-200, registration N96EA.

Track it here: https://www.flightradar24.com/data/aircraft/n96ea

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Official: They will begin flights to Grand Rapids, Omaha, and Cincinnati.

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