Midwest Connect ERJ-190 (Republic Airlines)


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Aircraft Type - Embraer ERJ-190-100LR
Registration - N164HQ
Aircraft operated by - Republic Airlines
Service time with Midwest Branding - 2 years (2009-2010)

Why should this be added?

This airline has ZERO representation in the sim other than the callsigns that I requested to be added to the database last year, which is upsetting considering 4 out of the 9 aircraft the airline ever operated are in the sim, yet none of them have a Midwest Express / Midwest Airlines / Midwest Connect livery despite operating a decent amount of them.

Midwest Airlines Fleet (Context)

McDonnell Douglas MD-80/83/88 (not in game) | 15
McDonnell Douglas DC9-10/30 (not in game) | 20
Boeing 717-200 | 25
Canadair CRJ-200 | 16
Beechcraft 1900D (not in game) | 4
Dornier 328 JET (not in game) | 12
Embraer EMB-135 (not in game) | 6
Embraer ERJ-170 | 14
Embraer ERJ-190 | 11

With the upcoming rework of the Embraer E Jets lineup (E-175 & E-190), I wanted to make this thread to share this aircraft with those who are unfamiliar with Midwest Airlines. This aircraft would enable many routes from Milwaukee and Kansas City to both coasts and to the south of the USA. Since no other aircraft have this livery in game I believe this is a good opportunity to introduce this to the sim since diversity is a goal for the team.

I invite you to learn more about Milwaukee’s little hometown airline by visiting these two awesome videos on the topic.

Thank you for visiting this thread, be sure to leave a vote if you think this should be added to sim.
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We need at least one Midwest Express livery! I’d love to see this added. :D


Here’s a cool video of it departing Boston!

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this gives me Royal Jordanian vibes for some reason

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Friendly thread bump, would love to have this bird in the game!

Another thread bump! Check out this departure video from Boston, would love to fly it in the sim!


My entire family has worked for Midwest. I would be overjoyed if this was added.


Yes, please! We could do with more non-standard U.S. airlines!

Midwest was a great airline. Wish they were still around. Would be nice for IF to recognize the “best care in the air”.

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Aw-huh! Removing Northwest and US Air from the E175, the least they could do is include another retired jet.


Friendly thread bump! Let’s bring Milwaukee’s hometown airline to Infinite Flight!

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There are not many old ERJ-190 liveries, so this one is something special.

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That is one cool looking livery.

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It’s been a while. Sad we don’t have more votes. So this is just a friendly bump :)