Midwest Airlines B717-200

Midwest Airlines B717-200

Headquartered at Milwaukee Airport (KMKE) in Wisconsin, Midwest Airlines was an important operator for the Boeing 717 (originally the MD-95) operating quite a few of them. We don't have Midwest in Infinite Flight yet, so this would be a new airline addition!

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The fluer de lis was my favorite livery.

I saw it on JP and it said the location was Lisbon
So I’m guessing that one is the European version 😂

You could be correct. I know they changed liveries at some point after Republic Group bought them. I remember seeing the red and gold livery years ago. Could’ve been overseas when I saw it. I always thought it was a refresh or new. They only came to Stapleton once in a blue moon because Frontier, Piedmont & Republic dominated the short small routes like SW, Skywest & Horizon do now.

Me who didn’t know this airline existed

I’m surprised no one had requested it yet

Yeah I never knew about the other one until I researched the US one

You absolutely have my vote!

Such a shame the airline ceased operations but hoping to see the return very very soon.

Thanks for the vote!
Yeah it’d be cool if they restarted

It’s been in the talks for a while. They even had routes lined up, aircraft leased, and a time-frame set up. Then came COVID which has delayed it for a great while.

The 717 is an iconic aircraft, although personally I wouldn’t fly it too much, it will still be nice to have this reworked especially with this stunning livery

Yeah I saw some articles on that

Thanks for the support!

New airline addition if we get this

That is a sharp plane and livery!

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Thanks for the vote!

Yo @AvioesEJogos this is a new livery you can create for the 717 lol


For designing an airline or livery

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I’m bumping this. :)