Midweek Madness [Wednesdays] [Idea]

So this is my idea I have already put forward on another forum and is hopefully going to work, there is a screeenshot below of the idea. Ideally each week on a Wednesday (Different day to the other forum to avoid clashes)(Event times will vary dependent on location) an airline will be selected and ideally we as a community can keep the airlines main hubs open for flights during the day.

(This has already been mentioned I think but not acted on or created)

The image above shows the post I created on the other forum (Send me a PM if you want a link)

Any feedback is appriceated and there isi a pole below for you to vote yes or no!

  • Yes, Please Do It!
  • No, Just Don’t

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Poll will be closed 20th October 1800Z

Additional Info:
Only airlines in IF will be selected

The 3 airlines selected in the image are there for display purposes and will not be the only availible choices.

Airline Choices will be changed with each week the event runs

Not IFATC Related but welcomes IFATC members to run the ATC

Suggested Airlines

American Airlines
British Airways
Delta Airways
Frontier Airlines
JetBlue Airways
Norwegian Airlines
Qantas Airlines
Southwest Airlines
Thomson (TUI Airllines)


What about other airlines? are we considering very single one in IF? Good idea but I need more details.

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Only airlines in IF will be selected, the 3 airlines in the picture are from the post I created for the event on the other forum.

So we can have other airlines, your just using those as an example?(just to clarify)

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Yes, each week the event takes place there will be a different 3 airlines from IF to choose from.

Great! You definitely have my vote! Can’t wait to see this in action. Plus it give’s IFATC something to do during the week.

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Since when were Helsinki a bigger hub for Norweigan than ARN and CPH?

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Google was my friend, searched on google because I wasn’t sure and they are the results I was given


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Anyone got any suggestions of Airlines they would like for the first week?

The Airline Must have aircraft in IF

There’s no reason for me to vote no!

I suggest Delta VA as a nomination! Lots of active hubs that include ATL, JFK, LAX and more!


Delta Airlines maybe put in the vote! I’ll aim to have a list of 3-5 main hubs for each airline. Ideally the hubs will be open all day (hubs of selected airline)

I’d like Southwest, or Frontier


Feel free to throw Frontier VA in if you so desire. A list of our hubs can be found on our main forum thread.

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Please suggest Airlines only!
This is not a place to advertise your VA!

Thanks for the suggestions so far!

Delta, Southwest and Frointer are the current suggestions!


British Airways?

We have a good selection of hubs (and not all of them are in London)

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Yes this is a cracking idea!

Airline suggestion, Qantas, hubs in Perth, Melbourne and of course Sydney!

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BA hubs are LHR and LGW? And city flyer is MAN and LCY

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I’ll send you a complete list via PM.

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Qantas is a good one


I’m going to make a list of suggested airlines and the amounts of times they’ve been suggested in the main post

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