Midway airlines VA searching for corporate staff

Hello this is a new VA searching for corporate staff,
You need the following:

Co-CEO: know about the airline and be able to take quick decisions
Pilot manager: Be able to represent all pilots
Media manager: be creative and be able to do promo videos
To apply just Contact me, you need to speak English so we can communicate

Here is our website http://midwayairlinesva.weebly.com/

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Have you been in contact with IFVARB? You cannot continue until you’ve been approved by them new or otherwise

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@SkyHighGuys Yes I have

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Do you have a logo or website yet?

@Vietnam_Virtual Yes I do have a website

Is Midway Airlines real or original?

It is real

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Link please.

Midway Airlines ceased operations in 2003 after operating for ten years


For our website?

Yes, obviously.

Its not fully done so spect errors

That’s why I haven’t herd of it.

Ceased operations.