Midnight Traffic at MAD // Virtual Spotting IX

Midnight Traffic - Night Spotting in Spain

Hello all! Here is my next virtual spotting session for the year. This one is taking place in the great capital of Spain. Please take notice that this is happening at midnight in Spain so I suggest that you turn your screen brightness to the maximum when viewing the photos and the video. Make sure to watch the video because there is more aircraft’s shown there than in the photos. Also, be sure to stop by one of my previous spotting topics. I recommend that you check out both Atlanta topics and the Charlotte topic. Anyway, stay safe, wear your mask, and enjoy the photos.

Video: Midnight Traffic // LEMD

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Date: 4/15/21
Server: Expert
Location: Madrid Barajas International Airport 🇪🇸 ( LEMD )

Appreciate you for viewing!

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Great pics! Next week, I’ll be doing some virtual spotting in Athens!


Small bump for Madrid!

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Love th photos @KSS

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