Midnight in the City of Angels to a Clear Roman Sunset

With all the 747’s being retired, I was feeling quite nostalgic and wanted to do a retro 747 route. At first I didn’t know which route or livery to choose, but then I was inspired by the 2019 feature film Once Upon A Time In Hollywood in which Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt flew on the Pan Am 747 from
Los Angeles to Rome. I instantly knew I was going to try to replicate that flight and was delighted to see that the Pan Am livery was in IF. I took off around midnight in Los Angeles, watched the sunrise over Canada, and landed in Rome as the glorious sun set. I also got to use the historic “Clipper” callsign


Flight Details

Los Angeles to Rome
Clipper 13 Heavy
Boeing 747-200 (Pan Am livery)
Flight Time: 11:45
🇺🇸 - 🇮🇹

Rotating out of Los Angeles with the moon shining on our plane

From the left wing of the plane, you can see Dodger Stadium and all of downtown L.A.

The Las Vegas Strip below the right wing with Caesar’s Palace, get it?

Watching the sunrise over the Hudson Bay in Canada highlighting the “Clipper Gem of the Ocean”

Cruising over Greenland at 40,000 ft at about noon local time

Circling descent over the Italian coastline and of course, Rome

Putting the gear down as the sunset brightens the plane

Beautiful touchdown in Rome as the sun dips beneath the horizon

Parked at the gate with the gorgeous Italian hills in front of us

Feel free to give me feedback and let me know what your favorite photo was!

A little trivia for those who have seen the movie, what was DiCaprio and Pitt’s reason for coming to Rome?

  • To film a new set of Italian movies
  • To visit DiCaprio’s dying mother
  • To take out some of the gold Pitt was storing in an Italian bank

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Thanks for stopping by, have a great day and happy flying!


Hey man, great pictures, but if you are going
to use someone else’s format, please give them
credit, thanks :)

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Shoot you’re right

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