Midnight Haulin' @ KPHX - 030600ZDEC17

Server: Expert

Airport: KPHX

Time: 0600Z (11:00 PM Saturday MST, 1:00 AM EST)

NOTAM: A good amount of us know that cargo airlines are mainly active at night, in order to avoid crowded airspace/airports during the daytime. For this flight, we will hop in any DHL 757 or Southern Air/DHL 777-200F for a 3 hour flight from PHX to their hub in CVG. Estimated landing time is 4:00 AM EST. Make sure you plan at least 4 hours and 30 minutes of fuel!
Cruise Alt: 35000 feet, to 37000 feet later in flight
Cruise Speed: M 0.81

Gate Assignments:
South Cargo Area Ramp 01: Open
South Cargo Area Ramp 02: RTG113
South Cargo Area Ramp 03: Open
South Cargo Area Ramp 04: Open
South Cargo Area Ramp 05: Open
South Cargo Area Ramp R01: Open
South Cargo Area Ramp R02: Open

More gates will be added when/if needed!

Flight Plan:

Input it into your flight, or copy it from me at the event!

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