Midnight at Kai Tak - Approach & Member Spotting

I flew EGLL to VHHX on the Expert Server with a flight time of about 9hr40mins. After my arrival, I stayed to watch a few other make that famous right turn.

Turning at the checkerboard

Below are other pilots making the approach:





@Erik_Popescu arrives while @Fpv837 holds short



@Jose_Miguel_Marquez arrives over @CrazyBee

And finally, @CrazyBee onlooking as @CrazyBee_2 is on short final.


Amazing pictures!! Please remember to limit them to 10 next time :)


You know, I totally spaced on that. Thanks for the reminder.

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No problem! :D

Not the best performance of me :)

Thanks for taking me in

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Uhh nice that you spotted both of my arrivals

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My first time working with the real checkerboard💀
I gotta say for a few seconds I was a bit lost abt when to turn lol
& overall one of my worst approaches there too i think

Never knew 777 and A330 Operated here. Nice Pics!

Nice pics there!

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Nooo not tarmac😭😭

16 is not the new 10. Closed and unlisted due to the 10 photo rule

Topic was edited to be 10 photos

How dare you 🙄

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Looks neat, would certainly be more challenging if they had the Hong Kong high rises in the game to crash in to if you mucked it up LOL

Looks nice! I crashed right when I exited the runway though :/ Nice pics tho

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