Middle Eastern Airliner CONVOY @ IS64 - 021835ZSEP17

Server: Casual

Region: Chicago

Airport: IS64

Time: 1820Z

NOTAM: Middle Eastern airlines (Saudia, Qatar, Etihad, MEA) A320 and B737 families ONLY, no other airliners can spawn at IS64!

I will be holding a convoy where you can fly any regional Middle Eastern plane across the Chicago region. We will start at IS64 airport in the mid-south of the region, and will end at 64C airport in the northeast of the region. If possible I will get IFES to protect our convoy from a hypothetical PEANUT INVASION, and just to make the convoy feel official and such. In case you’re new to the forums and not used to Zulu time and such here is the time of the event in major time zones.

Hawaii: 8:20 am
US Pacific Coast: 11:20 am
US Atlantic Coast: 2:20 pm
Central Europe: 8:20 pm
UAE: 10:20 pm
China/Aussie Indian Coast: 2:20 am
Japan: 3:20 am
Aussie Pacific Coast: 4:20 am

Are there gate assignments or no

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I want in on this! Can I fly the Etihad 321?

Gate assignments? Lol there are two spawn points and they’re both runway ends

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It can spawn at IS64, so yes

These airports are designed for small GA aircraft. Gonna have trouble taking off

So just to clarify, you’re going to use an A320 or a B737 on 2,200 x 70ft runway 😂 All I can say is good luck! Even a 318 would struggle. You’re going to need all the flaps you can use 👍


Maybe I will see another airfrance Concord incident this time,good luck taking off in 737s and 321s on a 2200 ft runway

The area past the runway is flat, so if we overshoot the runway we’ll be on casual and will be able to use the fields for extra room

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GAte please I realy want to come

Count me in! I’ll be there in a MEA.

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Cool are u comming👱👱👱👱👱👱👱👱

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Yeah! I’ll see you there!

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You forgot about the CAT Central African time

There aren’t any gate assignments, because there are no gates at the airport we’re spawning at.

I did say major time zones, correct, and while that is a major time zone in the world it wasn’t to me. I do apologize, but depending whether CAT is GMT+1 (UK), or GMT+2 (CET), and on, you get it.

I have a procedure for the 737s to takeoff. Go full flaps with brakes on then full power and release the brakes 2 seconds after and go for an early rotation

That is exactly what I do at small airports

We’re gonna be on casual anyway so if we overshoot the runway we have flat ground and won’t get violations.

I can takeoff a medium A380 and land in that room so they should be fine

Wow, I mean if you can then fair enough but I never thought it would be possible…

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