Middle East Short Haul - Qatar A350-900

The United Arab Emirates just opened its borders to the State of Qatar last month. Because of that, Qatar Airways resumed flights to Dubai.
These are photos of my flight from Doha to Dubai on the Airbus A350-900 (callsign Qatari 1041 heavy.)


Server: Training
Time: 1h 13min
Route: OTHH Hamad - OMDB Dubai

Before the flight.

Lining up on Runway 34R.

Initial climb. A good view of amazing Doha.

One last glance of the city.

Cruising above the Gulf. Desert on both sides from 29000 feet.

Starting our descent into the UAE.

Dubai Airport to our left. A perfect look of the wonderful city.

A nice wingview with the flaps extended.

A stressful (but enjoyable) landing into Dubai with turbulence at 137 knots.

After landing. Parked at gate.

I hope you liked it! Thanks!


Great pics! Great to see th Middle East reducing conflicts

True. Qatar is flying its 787s to Dubai now…

But I intentionally chose the Airbus since it’s reworked and has better physics.