Middle East Airlines Airbus A330-900neo

Hey everyone! As the A330-900 is in the works, I am really hoping that the MEA livery gets added on the aircraft. The company has yet to take delivery of the aircraft, but it has 4 on order.

MEA also owns A330-200s, A320s, and A321neos.

Your support would be very appreciated as the only MEA livery in IF is on the A321, which is an aircraft the carrier retired a few years back.

I think you should look for the livery painted on the aircraft, so we all can see how it would look like. Otherwise, everyone would create their own concept in their minds

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MEA don’t have a330 neo :(

I’d wait on making a request of the livery until it’s there in the real world. It will also help the request get more votes as we will be able to see the aircraft come to life instead of a concept.