Middle East Airlines A320

hello there,
the few last updates included a lot of European and American airline liveries as if IF users are only of European and American origins. As a Lebanese IF user i want to say that our fleet nowadays has no a321s. its majorly a320s and a330s. so upon that i kindly ask the devs to add the MEA livery to the IF a320 family in the upcoming future.

thank you

I’m pretty sure you can only requezt one livery at a time.

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its not like requesting them to be added by the next update. i meant for the upcoming future so they have time

That:s not really my point. You can only request one livery with each feature request.

Could you provide a picture of the livery that you are requesting please?

Also for the future here is some helpful info about the #features category :)

@xsrvmy is this better?

You can vote for this here;

Please search before posting!

oh come on … this is getting harder than my pharmacology exam lol!

All you need to do is search. I don’t see how that can be hard!

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😂 Your fine man, just next time make sure to look up for the post you want to post to make sure it’s not a duplicate.

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i was joking dude. though i never thought MEA is well known among IF users

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