Middle East Airlines - A320-200 - T7-MRE (Sharklets)

Hello everyone, view that we recently got the A320 family rework, I requesting the MEA A320 sharklets livery. It’s a beautiful livery that should be added to Infinite flight. We already have the A321, but MEA stopped its service and the compagny has around 15 A320’s.

I agree 100% and am quite disappointed that It’s not in the game!


now we are talking baby! really good looking bird

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I mean, even without the winglets at least! Or maybe one day they will add A330-200 into IF containing the beautiful bird itself. ;D


Really hope that this livery will get added in 19.4. It’s a beautiful one.

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Hey everyone! I would really appreciate it if you could drop a vote for this livery. Middle East Airlines now only has 1 livery in the sim, the A321, and the Airline already retired their entire A321 fleet. They now only have A320s, A321NEOs, and A330-200s (which won’t come with the A330 rework as the -200 variant is not getting added :/).

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