Midday Midwest Commute // KMSP-KRST // CRJ-700 // EDV5029

What’s up IFC. Here are some photos from my windy Midwest commute from Minneapolis to Rochester.

Flight Details

Server: Expert
Flight Time: 0:25
Aircraft: CRJ-700
Airline: Delta Connection
Callsign: Endeavor 5029

Parked at Gate C12 preparing for pushback

Lining up on RWY 30R for departure

Departing MSP with downtown in the background

Turning south from MSP toward Rochester, MN

Cruising at 11,000 feet for the short trip

On Right Downwind at RST

Battling a 24 knot crosswind

A smooth but late touchdown

Arriving at the gate in Rochester and offloading 22 passengers

Thanks for viewing!!!


Great pictures!! I’m surprised this is a real flight because its a 1.5 hr drive. But, I guess because of the Mayo Clinic it is viable.

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@Tucker_Ryan yeah Delta serves this route. It is around a 20 minute flight and around 70 nautical mile flight depending on which way they are departing and arriving

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