Midday Madness at SLC // Virtual Spotting IV

Hello all! Here is my first 2021 spotting session. This year will be kicked off right next to the Great Salt Lake in Salt Lake City. Due to heavy traffic, select flights were shown. Here are some shots of passengers trying to get home for the work week. Make sure to check out the video and previous topics. The video contains more aircrafts than just the photos below. Anyway, stay safe and enjoy!

Video: Midday Madness // KSLC

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Date: 1/10/21
Server: Expert
Location: Salt Lake City International Airport 🇺🇸 (KSLC)

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small bump for Salt Lake City
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Nice spotting

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So many Deltas. 😂

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After all it is SLC

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@CaptainAli_yt thank you

True, True.

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Nice photos @KSS! The sheer amount of Delta aircraft is scary. 😳

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@Butter_Boi Yes indeed! there weren’t many other airlines to compete with it. Delta was the dominant airline that day

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