Midday in Dubai to Sunset in Afghanistan

Hi everyone! I’m going to try and make this a regular thing if I have the time😁.
So anyway, today I flew from Dubai to Kabul, quite an unusual route considering that Kabul is very dangerous but nonetheless both Emirates and FlyDubai operate regular service!
So whilst I was researching routes to do I came across this one and honestly I wasn’t disappointed, there was some seriously beautiful scenery along the way! So without further a do, here we are:

Flight Details
Aircraft: Boeing 777-200LR
Airline: Emirates
Flight Time: ~2h 15mins

Rotating out of Dubai

Bye Dubai👋

Flying over Iran 🇮🇷

Wing view over the Lut Desert

Flying in low over Afghan Mountains

Realising that I’m way to low and not being able to see the airport (mainly because it was 80nm away😂

About to touch down in Kabul and give all my passengers the worst wiplash

Any short haul route suggestions?


At least they’re virtual passengers and not real.

Nice photos there as well, @samw223!

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Corporate can’t wait to see that.

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For short routes, I would say Dubai to RUH (Riyadh) (about an hour and 15 minuets). If you are looking for other short routes that are not from DXB, I would highly recommend CMB (VCBI) to MLE (VRMM). The approach is absolutely beautiful on either runway, and on top of that many airlines operate this short route (1 hour 5 minuets) with big planes (A330, 777, etc.). Hope that helps!
Blue skies and tailwinds!

Awesome thanks for the suggestion😀

There’s a disciplinary hearing today 😂

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@Butter_Boi thanks!!

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Of course. Keep the blue side up and the pointy end forward!