Midday Arrival at LEPA

Server: Expert Server
Airline: Turkish Airlines
Callsign: Turkish 579 Heavy
Time: 13:36
Route: LEIB - LEPA
Takeoff LEIB: Runway 06
Landing LEPA: Runway 24L
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER

One View of my triple 7 (777-300ER) lightly touching down on Runway 24L
Another view of the “Butter” touchdown on Runway 24L


Awesome landing man!

Thanks so much!

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I am afraid that this topic will be closed if not fixed as this topics containing the HUD, Player Names and White Boxes. I am afraid this is against the rules. Check out About the screenshots and videos category and change a few things :)

How would I change that? I took the screenshot in replay view, so I don’t think there is any way to remove those (there probably is but I don’t know about it).

@Daniel_Steinman on your replay > find the moment you want to screenshot > get the shot ready (correct angle you want etc) > then click on what looks like a camera. Your screenshot will be saved to your devices gallery. Perfect for the IFC :)

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Ohhhhhh I actually never thought of doing that. I always thought that button had no use. I better go do that :) thanks so much

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No problem! Just remove your pictures above and add in your new ones :)

I think it worked! :))

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They are perfect now @Daniel_Steinman :)