[MID-FLIGHT] [NEED ATC] Keflavik Flyout! @ BIKF - 161700ZMAR19

  • Flight Title Kevflavik Flyout!
  • DD 16th, MAR, 2019
  • HHMM 17:00Z
  • Z Zulu time zone.
  • YY 2019
  • Aircraft and Livery Any WOW Air or Icelandair aircraft.
  • Route BIKF-EIDW
  • Time of Departure 17:00Z
  • Server Training
    Hopefully I got that right.
    And my call sign is Canadian001 fyi.

I went ahead and fixed you title for you since you had departure time and date listed!

Next time please make sure you format the title correctly! PM or look here for any questions!

Oh, thanks! :D I’ll remember next time.

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Ok, guys follow me or file your own fpl to EIDW, lets wait another 5 min and see if anyone wants to be ATC.

Are you guys coming? My callsign is Canadian001.

Why do you guys have strobe lights on ? even when not in runway.

@Jeremy_Dierickx your strobe lights must be off when on ground and until you enter the runway.

i can help you with ATC as i am practicing for IFATC

Ok, let’s wait till’ everyone is holding short of rwy 20, then we’ll take it in order to take off.

@Ethan4 request for takeoff now.

Ok guys, fly at 240 knts, after you pass 10000, go to 340-320 knts. Climb to 26000. Or you can fly however you like.

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