mid-flight error

I need help. It is already the second time this happens on an international flight and both times when I was arriving at the destination airport. this image appears with this message saying that someone is logged into my account. but there is no one. yesterday I changed my password but it happened today again! Can someone help me?

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I think you should contact a Staff member

How many devices do you have? If you have multiple when you fly on one do you open IF on the other?

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Please Restart your device. Then open Infinite Flight. Log out of your Infinite Flight Pro account and log back in again. Then try another option, which is to reinstall Infinite Flight.

Please let us know if this problem persists.


You can only be logged in on on device at a time. Chances are nobody is hacking your or anything and it usually is due to a brief network issue.

Restarting your device and killing background processes on second devices will help as well.

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