Mid-downwind pattern entry for unicom

Especially in props, many planes fly perpendicular to the field before joining a downwind abeam the runway. This is known as joining the mid-downwind for a runway, and could be useful on unicom. It is similar to an overhead pattern entry, but does not require overflying the field before looping back to join the pattern. This feature would allow planes already in the circuit that you plan on turning to downwind after nearly reaching the field, instead of just overflying it. It would allow them to space out to let you in. Not a big change, but I think it would be nice. It could work like this: Palm Springs Unicom, NXXX is inbound, will join the mid-left downwind for runway 31L.


Do you mean Crosswind?


If yes, we have that for Unicom already :)

No. I think he means entering a mid-field for a left/right downwind. I may be wrong though.


Yes, that’s what I mean. Not really a position report, but more of a pattern entry.

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Since the proper way to enter a downwind is at a 45 at mid field this is why it doesn’t have that option it’s already impliied.

Yes that’s true, but a lot of people fly a straight in downwind, instead of entering properly, so it would be nice to differentiate.

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Why do you have to enter with 45° to downwind

That is the most common entrance in the 3 different ways the FAA has set forth to enter the pattern.

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But you don’t have to always fly this pattern, do you?
I mean I can also go straight for final approach when I am coming straight to the runway, do I?

And is it very bad if I enter downwind with a different angle for example 70°?

Straight in arrivals are frowned upon however if the airport is uncontrolled really who is going to stop ya?

That means that you will always fly a longer way to enter the pattern instead of flying the shorter way which would be to fly straight in (of course only if your heading is pointing to the runway)

And can you start your base at what ever point of the ils thing you want?

Yes a pattern should not exceed 5 miles.

How far away from the runway do you start your base (after downwind) with an Boeing 737? Or does the size of the aircraft not matter?

And how would the pattern look like at CYUL (Montreal) on runway 10 because you would fly through the approach corridor of the other runway?
Would you just do the downwind farer away from the runway 10?

You start your base turn when you are 45° from the touchdown zone.

Why that early?

Would you actually do a pattern in a jet (other than a go around or something like that)? Or would you just fly according to a star chart? Just wondering.

There are a lot of regionals that still fly into uncontrolled airports so it’s not as uncommon as one would think.

That’s just the way you fly a pattern