Mid air refueling aircraft for global

As the developers mentioned for new fuel feature in global update.
So I would like to advice a mid air refueling aircraft which could extract and retract a fuel line and any aircraft that touches that line of fly very close can increase its fuel in a slow rate …


This would be really cool but…


Fly an appropriate aircraft for the route you’re flying. No mid-air refueling required. Besides, this isn’t done in real life anyway. Or plan stopover routes!


Issue being only the C130’s currently have refueling booms and the 22 and 16 have “docks” lot of work for such limited use.

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But most of the planes don’t have mid air refuelling capibilites


I think it was Philippe who confirmed at the LiveFlight podcast a week ago that mid-air refueling is NOT coming, it would take to much coding and as seen above it would take proper communication

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That should only be aded for aircraft which Have capsbility for that so you dont come in with a emirates 777 for mid air refuel


if you wanted to fly around the globe for ten times, this function should be added for you.


Really cool but extremly hard to do


Yep a great idea! but it would be hard.

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I could actually see this quite possible, just maybe not happening anytime soon. I believe the C130 cannot do mid-air refueling and the C17 can, so that would mean a future rework of the C17 and maybe more added features update. But when or if the update comes, I will be excited. 😊

Lol what are you talking about. Of course the C130 can mid air refuel. I just don’t think we will ever see it in game

This seems somewhat unnecessary IMO. I know that on the FlightCast live stream they said that you would not be able to refuel during flight. There aren’t any aircraft in IF that are able to refuel other aircraft, and if one was added, it would be extremely hard to refuel other aircraft as someones connection or device could ruin the whole process.

C-130 is capable of mid-air refueling. That’s true for practically every military aircraft. The AC-130 has flown for 36 consecutive hours being refueled by KC-135s 7 times during that flight. There are also tanker variants of it.

I definitely agree it’s an unnecessary feature. No commercial aircraft has the capability or need for mid-air refueling.

Ohhhh okay! I actually didn’t know that! Well then I guess the devs just have to add that feature to the C130!!!

The only mid-air refuelling I can see it being able to change your fuel settings mid-air if you’re flying VC25, F16, F22, C-130 (any any other aircraft I forgot about).

Tbh implementing a fully functional boom would be too complicated imho. Maybe they could do a proximity thing where a refuelling aircraft that is near you will allow you to open your settings to add more fuel.

Airforce one . And USCG livery aircrafts they all can

So you want a feature only available for fighters? Nah.


I don’t think the devs have made it so there’s enough fuel so you can fly 10 times around the earth… Just once