Mid air collision

I have no screenshots, so sorry.

On Saturday, I was flying from Atlanta to JFK in a 777-200LR and a jet blue A320 was turning up this direction also. he turned and almost hit me. what could I have done to avoid this.

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Well, to avoid this…

You can’t stop the other pilot from actually trying to hit you, but you can take a screenshot and note the other pilot’s display name and callsign to stop him trolling others in the future if this took place on Expert Server. If this took place on Training Sever, there is a slim chance anything could happen from this, and if it took place on causal, well, that’s casual for ya.

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Ok, thank you

over the weekend I had an A380 fly through me at 37000 ft. We were both on the same flight plan (VHHH-YSSY) and he was going a bit faster than me so “over took” me by flying right through me! Guess he wasnt in the cockpit at the time otherwise (I hope) he would have changed flight level. This was on Expert by the way!

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Common mistake by pilots while AFK in formation.

Yea idk if it would be fair to report someone flying afk because what are you suppose to do sit there for hours just staring at your screen I’m this case I would probbaly be sleeping lol if it was a10 hour flight so if a person hit me or collided with me I would not report him/her


We’re you on expert or training if you where on expert if you had atc you could of asked to ascend or descent and if you were on training you could of just descended or ascended.
Thanks for letting us know.

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