Mid-Afternoon Tireds

The regulars have arrived

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  • Keep open as an off topic general thread
  • Close thread because we don’t need that

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I don’t see a problem in a little boost of fun in a community. 🙃

Although of course we cant keep this forever. Just a fun little session to get some activity going.


Factual information

Man of culture right here

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This mans is speaking facts

I can change the title

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Why oh why, the community is tired.
The peace and quiet should be admired
No new replies apart from this topic,
Why oh why, I would love to be in the tropics.

Sitting on the beach, moderating the community
Making sure to continue the unity.
Drinking a glass of coconut water
I better stop here before this poem gets any hotter.


Last message

Hi Declan!

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I had the talking stick

Well he didn’t say anything about closing it sooooo

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Declan is a good boiiii! :)

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Poem of the month right here

It seems I have disturbed the peace

Declan is now my favorite mod

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Declan your poetry skills are amazing

It’s a trick, send no reply! 😛

This can be a change for the better in the IFC


Random Fact of the day:

I’m eating Frosted Flakes and they’re not just great, but they’re GR-R-REAT!

you’re welcome