Microphone chat option

The microphone chat option would be a nice addition to Infinite Flight, basically it will make you talk and interact with different users in ATC! Let me know your opinions about this!

As far as I know, Voice ATC or VATC is not allowed.

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It would be great but it can be challenging with people cutting other or people being disrespectful
Or it might cuz the server to be laggy


Yeah no, requires too many resources to moderate, but discord makes a great alternative

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I can this working only if ATC on expert server can talk to pilots but we still respond with the system we have now.

This comes to a “nice to have” feature. But for our current ATC system, it’s perfectly fine. The current system, avoids any harassment by Training ATC; if there is any.

If they add microphone chat not only will it get super annoying but it will turn into something like FSX multiplayer where it’s pretty much trolling all the time. The current ATC system keeps it real even on the training server so people actually learn to fly on the expert server. With something like this the training server will become a troll server and people reaching grade 3 won’t have a clue as to how things work with real ATC.

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This won’t happen, sorry. It’s a mixture between cost to transmit the data, and then an inability to moderate the chat, meaning it would likely be misused.