Micronesia Island Hop Photos

Hello everyone! This weekend I decided to do United’s Micronesia Island Hop in Infinite Flight. Here are some photos from all the flights. Thank you to the many pilots that joined along the way.

Server: Expert
Route: Various
Aircraft: 737-800, 777-200

Parked at the gate in Majuro with @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek

Departing Majuro with @Pingu, @UALPilot, @Oregon001 and @Bay_Area_Aviation

Holding short at Kwajalein with @anon36731834, @Bay_Area_Aviation, @Edward929 and @UALPilot

Coming into the gate at Pohnpei with @Pingu

Parked at the gate at Chuuk with @United403 landing in the back.

Departing from Chuuk with @Bay_Area_Aviation, @Edward929 and @FirePaxton

Taxiing at Guam with @Bay_Area_Aviation and @FirePaxton

Me parked at the gate, right where I started.

Thanks for viewing!


I’m so glad I was able to join one of the hops!!

Amazing photos like always

Thank you.

I gotta try this

This is the full route. In IRL it is only HNL → GUM but I wanted to do a full circle


Glad to join a couple of them

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Nice photos!

Thank you.

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Thanks for hosting dude! Awesome little event

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