Micronesia Island Hop (COMPLETED)


EGCC-VHHH Group Flight

i am hosting a flight from EGCC-VHHH if any of you would like to join

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This runway is pretty short everyone

Also if everyone can stay until everyone is parked that would be great

I left so others can park and I want to start a long haul

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I can join for the departure from KWA!

Sounds good! See you soon

@The_Real_Plane_Spott the next leg isnt for another hour. I’ll ping you when to spawn :)

Leg 2 Complete!

After 45 minutes, the second has been completed! Thank you @Oregon001 @Bay_Area_Aviation @Pingu and @UALPilot for joining!

Next leg starts in 55 minutes!


Leg 3 has been pushed back by 30 minutes. It will now be at 2023-02-19T03:15:00Z. It shouldn’t have a major effect on anything because it is only a 45 minute to an hour flight.


@Bay_Area_Aviation @The_Real_Plane_Spott

@Butter575 can you tag me when the next leg starts

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Sure thing!

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We are departing from PKWA, right?

That is correct

how long is this next one? I got caught up in a few things earlier

The next leg is about 45 minutes

Alright, I’ll tag along on this leg then

Leg 3

Leg 3 is about to start in 15 minutes. This route should be about and hour long. Please spawn in the next 5-10 minutes.

Server: Expert
Altitude: 20,000
Speed: 315


@anon36731834 @Bay_Area_Aviation @United403


Flight plan is ready

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When the time comes, do we pushback to the taxiway behind us or taxi all the way out to the one in front