Micronesia Island Hop (COMPLETED)

might join the 5PM flight, will see though since I have to manage cat feeding time at 5

Ok, should I still tag you?

why not

Ok sounds good

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something came up i’ll either be late or not make it sorry

Ok no problem

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Leg 1 Complete!

After 4 hours and 30 minutes, the first of nine legs has been completed! Thank you @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek and @Pingu for joining!

Next leg starts in 30 minutes!


Leg 2

Leg is is going to start in 15 minutes. This route will be Majuro to Kwajalein and should be about 1 hour. Please spawn in the next 5-10 minutes

Server: Expert
Altitude: 15000
Speed: 300 kts

Special Notam (PLEASE READ)

There are only 3 gates so one you spawn, push out of your gate to let others spawn.


@United403 @Bay_Area_Aviation @anon36731834 @Pingu @UALPilot @Oregon001


@Bay_Area_Aviation can you pushback to let others spawn

Alright. Should I takeoff immediately?

Actually you can stay

should i use flaps 5 or 10

I used flaps 10

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Cruising is 15000 btw. It was changed like 5 times but that’s the final altitude

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Ok it’s actually 18000, sorry everyone for the confusion

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@UALPilot i would increase speed (to 300kts)

I did pingu is trying to get in front of me

You can speed up a little if you have to

I sped up a bit and he sped up more

@Butter575 is it alright if i link my group flight later?