Mickey Mouse Club House @ MICK

Yay, more spotting topics. A couple days ago prior to this post, I was able to spot the famous Jim Carrey- I mean Mickey Mouse based at Disnyeland take an approach into the 18+ city of Las Vegas. Flying from Seattle, Washington of course.

Plus a few other cool photos, and the sunlight leaving me :(

A couple photos,but two of my favorite max shots I have in my gallery. πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’–

The Six Flags plane finally arrives at some nice golden hour lighting. 🐁

A lil JSX ERJ arriving from the Wester West Coast. 🌊

Wingletless Winglet Plane


Swoopy 739 in the grainy lighting type beat.


Great pics! My favourite is the plane in the picture! :)


I love Disney and I am so happy when I see that livery!!!

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Hi Kammy, you can’t block me here

Cool photos, I liked the 777

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Notifications mute hehehehehehehehhehe,

Thank you @JetSuperior5192 @Wesley_Fry!

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Nice photos! The Disney 737 looked the best

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good shots kam 11/10 plen pictures

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That day’s traffic looks familiar πŸ‘€

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So basically, N318AS (Mickey Mouse) 737-900 is in Victorville currently for a repaint. These 3 photos are my last shots of it I have. Hopefully it comes out as another special scheme!

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That 757 πŸ₯΅

Also I liked the Disney livery πŸ₯²

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